Local Programming


A time to grow
guidestone staff
1 - 1:30 pm

Toward a vibrant agricultural future, Guidestone staff members will explore the history of agriculture in the region, bridging the past to a future of local food production, community building, and growing a healthy and resilient community.

Cracked Eggs
Bob Campbell
Mike campbell
Jeff Campbell
2 - 4 pm

Bob is joined by his brother Jeff, and sometimes by Mike, his brother on the road. The Campbell Brothers bring you two hours of music based on loose themes. You'll be entertained by funk, blues, classic rock, and more, from the 50’s through the present time, along with a dash of history and fun.

Hen Picked
Harry Brull
7 - 8 pm

Welcome to an eclectic hour of music organized around a theme -everything from “Angels” to ” Zoo Animals.”  You can expect a mix of folk, pop, jazz, rock, blues, and everything else that fits – however loosely.

Harry Brull

Best of the Brood
Harry Brull
8 - 9 pm

Enjoy an hour featuring two of Harry’s favorite performers – usually a bit less known to the general listening public.  Whether you are familiar with their music or not, he predicts you will appreciate their artistry.


Crossing Borders 
Slim Wolfe
9 - 11 am

Former host of “Foreign Affairs,” Slim has returned to KHEN for “Crossing Borders,” a two-hour excursion into traditional and contemporary musicians from around the world.

Comedy Omelet
Ann Klaiman
Henry Klaiman
seasonal - on haitus

May through October. Brighten up your Tuesday mornings with this mix of upbeat music, comedy songs, and comedy routines from sources old and new.

salida yard and garden
kurt jones
1 - 1:30 PM

Join Chaffee County Extension Director Kurt Jones and his guests to learn many aspects of high country mountain gardening.

1:30 - 2 PM

Do you love to cook? Join Don Potts of Shallots Restaurant and Sandy Farrell for a half hour of cooking ideas.

sENior moments
marilyn bouldin
2 - 2:30 pm (alternating tuesdays)

Discussions about enriching life for seniors in our valley.

chaffee housing report
ken matthews
2 - 2:30 pm (alternating tuesdays)

Discussions focus on current affordable housing needs as well as current and future action steps with major players in this effort.

Roll of the Dice
Dave Ward
3 pm - 5 pm

This is a two-hour show of mixed genres from veteran KHEN DJ, Dave Ward.

Poetry and Stories
5 - 6 pm

A kaleidoscopic, non-linear hour of spoken word exchange. Espousing democratic expression weekly on your community radio. 


art matters
9 - 10 AM

Philosophical discussions about matters of importance to artists, art lovers, lovers of life, and other kindred spirits.


Discussions about enriching life for seniors in our valley.

chaffee housing report   ENCORE

Discussions focus on current affordable housing needs as well as current and future action steps with major players in this effort.

free range jazz
will reeves
1 - 4 pm

Will, a veteran jazz musician, takes listeners on a fascinating three-hour jazz odyssey.

the kids are alright
rick matiya
4 - 5 pm

This show features musical artists following in the traditions of the folk rock genre.

Weather or Not
wolfman dave & redneck Ed
5 - 5:30 pm

Wolfman Dave and his sidekick Ed discuss the weather in faraway places, like China, Romania or Alaska. They might discuss the local fishing or what’s happening in NASCAR. You just never know where they’re gonna go next. Tune in and find out!

Big Wooly Music
Lisa Connell Ledwith
7 - 8 pm

Lisa plays a variety of music, some jam band, bluegrass, classic rock, southern rock, folk, and alternative country.  Every show follows a theme that Lisa has prepared.



Alternative Country
Dan Weis
10 am - 12 pm

AKA Subverting the Country Paradigm. kHEN’s alternative country music show features country artists playing non-country songs. Non-country artists playing country songs. Singer/Songwriters displaying their country roots and everything in between.

Dvora Kanegis
1 - 2 pm

Featuring all types of tango music, from early tango through the golden age to contemporary and electronic tango. You will learn about the history of tango and hear interviews with the DJ’s teachers and musicians from all around the USA.

Poets and Minstrels
Barbara Ford
5 - 6 pm

A solid hour of user-friendly spoken poetry with several musical breaks. In one show there might be love poetry from Sappho, plus poetry from the rambunctious tribe of Colorado poets. Tune in and give poetry a chance.

Building and the blues
Erik Kaye
7 - 9 pm

Erik’s building background forms the basis of this unique program. Call in to get building advice and hear the best of the blues all in one show!

Green Eggs and Dan
Dan Weis
9 -11 pm

A mix of talk and music, Green Eggs and Dan subverts the mainstream media’s left-right world view paradigm with the wholesome intent of shattering illusions and offering creative and informative solutions.  A truly eclectic mix of music, talk and interviews.


Scrambled Eggs
Jane Carpenter
9 - 10 am

News, stories and interviews of local, state and worldly interest with politically active music. Call-in with your comments!

Jane carpenter
10 am - 12 pm

Acoustically based free-form music reflecting the Melting Pot of American ethnicity and thoughts.

salida now
chuck rose
1 - 2 pm (2nd & 4th fridays)
encores mondays 6 - 7 pm

Salida Now is a show that focuses on the politics and policy-makers of Salida.

fridays @ 3
jimmy Sellars & MARk monroe
3 - 5 pm

Fridays at Three is an eclectic mix of music, first-person narrative, and interviews with the community. Special guests include Lindsay Sutton Stephens and the Album of the Week, Shelley Schreiner and the Valley Health Update, and Wendy York with the Wendy Minute.

soundtrack sessions
erin mcintire
7 - 8 pm

Join Erin on Soundtrack Sessions as she explores the world of music in the movies. With themes ranging from love to money to heartbreak and redemption, this celebration of music in film is sure to ignite your listening palate and soothe your sound receptors. So tune in -- your ears will thank you!


Dead and Friends
Brian Krist
3-5 PM

Give us this day our daily Dead. For one hour, flow through the tunes and riffs of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. It's the only live Grateful Dead show on the air in Colorado!  Brians extensive LP collection is a gift to us all.  The first hour you will hear The Dead, Jerry, The Band and 60's and 70's Rock.  Then in the second hour Brian opens up the list to Reggae, dance hall, dub and international funk!  Don't miss it!!

fast forward rewind
adam caimi
7 - 10 pm

Adam is here to liven up your Saturday night with 180 minutes of music from the 80's through today... Alternative, Indie, EDM, Trip-Hop, Shoegazer, Electronic, New Wave, Synth, and more!


On the Rails
Forrest Whitman

9:30AM - 10:00Am

A fun 30 minutes of train talk and more. Forrest and guest talk about riding the rails, history of trains and their love of the iron horse.

Pursuing Personal Peace
Baxter Pharr
Margaret Rush
2 - 2:30 pm

Pursuing Personal Peace is an on-air book club. The Dalai Lama said, “World peace must develop from inner peace.” Each week Margaret and Julia tap into the rich Buddhist literature that points toward personal peace.

3 - 4 PM

Vander has taken over the hosting of Storytime Radio, a show which was started by Julie Moss. We are honored to support the passing of the storytelling tradition to the next generation of storytellers and storylisteners. Topics are appropriate for mixed groups of adults and children. Families are encouraged to listen together and then talk about the story afterwards. Vander records two shows per month.

Golden Age of Radio
Bob Campbell
6 - 8 pm

Back in the day, before the internet, iPads, movies and home theater, people used to sit around the living room radio and get swept away with comedy, adventure, and even the current news. This era was the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, when radio was a cheap way of being entertained and quickly grew to become a family tradition.

Mixed Bag
Pete Watson
8 - 10 pm (new day/time beginning 2/4/18!)

In Mixed Bag, Pete draws from his sizable library to offer a line-up that includes classical as well as jazz, bluegrass and humor. Pete brings decades of radio experience and an extensive classical background that invites insights into the music his listeners love to hear.