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A Time to Grow

Toward a vibrant agricultural future, Guidestone staff members will explore the history of agriculture in the region, bridging the past to a future of local food production, community building, and growing a healthy and resilient community.


Bring your cooking skills to another level. Join Chef Don Potts and Sandy Farrell as they talk food, glorious food.

chaffee county housing report

Discussions focus on current affordable housing needs as well as current and future action steps with major players in this effort.

Envision Chaffee County

Envision Chaffee County is a countywide, community-based initiative to identify what residents value the most, and to create a plan to maintain those aspects and features as the county grows and prospers.


An eclectic mix of music, first-person narrative, and interviews with the community.

in mountain valley embrace

In Mountain Valley Embrace is a musical story of Salida as told through the eyes and ears of its town folk, past and present, real and fictional.


Ongoing on-air book discussions tapping into the rich Buddhist literature that points toward personal peace.

Salida now

Salida Now is a show that focuses on the politics and policy-makers of Salida.

Salida Yard and Garden

Join Chaffee County Extension Director Kurt Jones and his guests to learn about high country mountain gardening.

senior moments

Senior Moments features discussions about enriching life for seniors in our valley.

wild colorado

Wild Colorado features exciting interviews with local adventurers, including extreme outdoor enthusiasts.


2017 Election Series

A special series of issue based discussions from candidates for local Salida City offices including Mayor and City Council Candidates.


News events in Salida and Chaffee County regarding affordable housing.


Sandy brings Salida’s Mayor and City Administrator to the microphone to discuss the issues facing Salida today.


Jane Carpenter

Interviews with Jane Carpenter.

Phil Helfrich

Phil Helfrich's "Presence of the Past" is a look backward then forward. Short interviews with local Chaffee County people of historical interest.


Interviews and conversations with Sandy and her guests exploring Salida's political and social topics in a timely and entertaining way.