KHEN Birthday Party

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KHEN Membership Drive! And Birthday Party!

KHEN’s Winter on-air membership drive starts Friday, February 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day!) and continues through February 28th.  That’s 14 days to raise a goal of $7500 to help support operations here at your community radio station.  To pledge your support you can call the station at (719) 539-1069, or follow the PayPal link on this webpage to donate.

And mark your calendars for KHEN’s 11th Birthday Party! Saturday, March 1st, 5-9 pm at the Salida Community Center, 3rd and F Streets.  Salida’s newest power trio, The No-Name Band, will be playing for your dancing pleasure.  Potluck, birthday cake, and other refreshments provided by our sponsors Elevation Brewery, Vino Salida, and Safeway.  Admission to the birthday party is FREE, but donations gratefully accepted.  All donations go to support KHEN.  Cluck on!


kHEN listeners have spoken

AheadThe following schedule changes have been made:  DEMOCRACY NOW will still be heard at noon, but give a listen to the new 6 p.m. schedule:  THE THOMAS JEFFERSON HOUR on Mondays, ALTERNATIVE RADIO on Tuesdays, NEW DIMENSIONS on Wednesdays, BIONEERS and MAKING CONTACT on Thursdays, and COUNTERSPIN and PROGRESSIVE RADIO on Fridays.  More changes coming, and your comments are encouraged.  Thanks for listening!


THANKS to all of you

kHEN, your community radio station, is powered by over 50 volunteers.  Right now, all of those volunteers are cheering and applauding our members and local businesses, who have so generously supported our  2013 Spring and Fall On-Air fund and membership drives. 

Thanks to all of you.


Neighbor to Neighbor Chaffee Shuttle

If you need help getting to the store, beauty shop, or doctor’s office contact Neighbor to Neighbor. They and their volunteers help the elderly, disabled or chronically ill to get where you need to go. There is a small fee for the service. To find out how you can schedule pickup or to check on how to become a volunteer call Neighbor to Neighbor at 530-0223.


Stone Soup Cafe

The STONE SOUP CAFE offers a free cup of hearty soup, bread, and fellowship on Mondays from NOON to 1 P.M. at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Salida. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, wallet size or religious affiliation (if any).