About Us

what is Community radio?

Community Radio is radio by and for the people it serves, driven and programmed by volunteers who contribute to a healthy and vital community, offering diverse music, news, and informational programming that generally cannot be heard on major networks.

KHEN Programming

KHEN programming includes all things local: music, public service announcements, and interviews with local people on a wide variety of topics. Some consider it to be a grassroots form of radio, growing and flourishing, spreading seeds of thought and information via the airwaves, and rooting deep and finding strength in the underground, the under-represented, linking together and exposing listeners to things never or not often heard, from great new songs to non-profit connectivity and political action.

Our Mission

KHEN is a volunteer-supported community radio station and media platform committed to building community through programming, education and outreach.

Our Core Values

  • We are Fearless: We are  tenacious in pursuing our vision for KHEN. This requires taking risks, when necessary, to break new ground, and meet our goals.

  • We Empower: We are an inclusive, representative voice for our community. We allow for freedom and creativity in broadcasting. We work to support, and unite, our community.

  • We are a Learning Laboratory: We are focused on providing education in broadcasting for the youth and others in our community. We engage with new technology, providing effective communication through varied forms of media.

  • We are Involved: We are highly visible and active in our community. We support local events and activities. We are flexible and responsive to current events.

  • We are Valuable: Chaffee County residents and visitors can identify KHEN Radio as an essential community resource that is unique, useful and distinct. We express the exceptional nature of our community locally, and to the world at large.

  • We have Integrity:  We maintain a unique and independent voice, speaking with respect, guided by facts and supported by our members, local underwriters, grantors and volunteers.