Chaffee Housing Report

ken matthews
alternating tuesDAYS 2 - 2:30 pm and Fridays at 11 AM

Discussions will focus on affordable housing in Chaffee County, including current needs and current and future action steps, through interviews with major players in this effort.


The Salida mayor and the development director detail plans for the Highway 50 corridor and talk about the ponderous progress of affordable housing development. In 2 parts.

Salida city council person Cheryl Brown-Kovacic and Salida homebuilder Paige Judd exchange positions on the city land use code. Fairness and incentivizing development are among the topics. The discussion is in two parts.

Chaffee County commissioner Keith Baker talks about the beginnings of the county Comprehensive Plan, the selection of a consultant, and the time line for completion. Watch for public forums starting on 6/26/19.

Ken talks with the board and staff of the Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity. Jill Smola, Executive Director, Dale Shoemaker, President, and Derrick Neikam, Construction Manager discuss the national and local history of the organization, current projects and numerous opportunities for volunteering as they create affordable housing in the valley.

Ken Matthews details a variety of new and on going housing topics emerging from state and local government. In two parts. Associated documents can be viewed here, here and here.

Becky Gray - Chaffee County Housing Director - and Marjo Curgus - Chaffee County Planning Commisioner -join Ken Matthews to discuss the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan and the planning process. They review the selection of a consultant and potential impacts for county residents, developers, and resource managers.

HOUSING AS VACINNE! Ken interviews Becky Gray, Chaffee County Housing Director with Andrea Carlstrom, Director of Public Health. They will discuss the link between stable housing and the health of the family!

Poncha Springs is growing rapidly in a developer-friendly environment. Ken and Leslie Matthews interview mayor Ben Scanga about the detail of current change and future directions. In two parts.

Host Ken Matthews interviews Charlie Chupp from Buenta Vista’s “The Farm” and Read McCollough from Salida’s “Stage Row” affordable housing projects. Chupp also previews his Fading West project which will build manufactured stick-built housing in BV. Plans of the BV developments can be seen here, here, and here.

Ken talks about the history of the county’s land use code with planning veterans Kathy McCoy and Sig Jaastad. Conversations about Centerville Ranch drive much of the discussion. A revised plat the the development “sketch” can be seen here.

Ken Matthews and producer Jon Pray have a free-wheeling discussion of current issues and wild ideas about affordable Chaffee County Housing.

Host Ken Matthews speaks with Emily Hoskins of the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments about home upgrade programs available to qualifying individuals and families in Chaffee County.

Ken is joined by Rick Hum to discuss the proposed “sketch plan” for Centerville Ranch, a large development east of US 285. A plat of the project can be seen here.

Ken is joined by Marilyn Bouldin of “Senior Moments” as they interview Carol Riggenbach, a principal in Aiyana - a planned senior living complex located in Poncha Springs and set to break ground in the spring, Carol talks about the footprint of the project (see plan here), the layers of service and the business plan.

Ken leads a sobering discussion with studio and remote guests about the immediate and long term effects of the 2019 government shutdown on Chaffee County. Food, agriculture, housing, utilities, insurance, transportation and even tax subsidies are in jeopardy. Longer term effects like consumer credit could take years to recover.

The group tasked with re-imagining the Hiway 50 corridor, continues to seek public input. There’s lots of ideas, some are well received, others - not so much. Ken updates the project status and we reprise the Nov. show. Interested and affected parties should visit the project website at

Ken talks with Jeff Post - Owner of First Colorado Land Office/Chair Salida Housing Development Corp - and Becky Gray - Director, Chaffee County Housing - about the beginnings of a low-income housing project in Poncha. “Poncha Crossing” will not only provide a significant number of affordable rental units, but accommodate a variety of support services including health, financial, and job counseling on site.

Ken Matthews and Jon Pray review topics, programs and guests from an active 2018 in Chaffee County.

The Future of Hwy 50 - Re-visioning Hwy 50.

Ken Matthews talks with Salida Community Development Director Glen Van Nimwegen and developer Tom Pokorny of Natural Habitats about a recently approved inclusionary housing amendment to the Salida City Code. The intention of the amendment is to promote affordable workforce housing in the city. The program is in 2 half-hour segments. 

 The Inclusionary Housing document referenced in the October 30th live show is here.

Three principals from Urban, Inc. - the developers of Buena Vista’s Collegiate Commons project - discuss the process for building the structures and who to qualifies for tenancy. Al Blum, Greg Wrench, and Jim Murphy join host Ken Matthews for this conversation.

Ken Matthews and Duane Cozart discuss the construction details and timeline for Salida Crossing including the housing mix, application process, and the phasing of construction. The second part of the program considers the traffic implications of the project.

Poncha Springs mayor Ben Scanga joins Ken Matthews to discuss planning and development in Poncha, including housing, infrastructure, jobs and information technology. Scanga also speaks to how he will measure the success of the county’s intergovernmental agreement on affordable housing. Two half-hour segments.

We reprise an interview from early summer with Becky Gray, the new Chaffee County director of housing. She talks about her background and shares some early impressions of the county's housing challenges. The interview is in 2 parts.

Ken Matthews interviews Salida Crossing developer Duane Cozart on various details of the project including price, parking, community space, and other nuances of the property. Matthews challenges Cozart to clarify a variety of claims appearing in an opposition flyer. The two pages of the flyer may be seen here and here.

The site plan for "Agastache Village" includes 15 pads with parking, a community garden, common areas and landscaping. A plat of the concept can be found a this link. Several sample pictures are here, here and here. A link to "Tiny Villages" is here.

Chaffee Housing Trust Executive Director Read McColloch talks about breaking ground on a new 8-unit affordable housing project in Salida, CO. There's information on how to apply and qualify for one of these 900 sq. ft. units. (two parts)

The co-owner of Mo Burrito, Sweeties, and the Biker & the Baker provides a business owner's perspective on Salida Crossing.

Ken interviews Becky Gray, the new Chaffee County director of housing. She discusses her educational and professional history, outlines her commitment to community development, and shares some early impressions of the affordable housing challenge. The second half hour of the broadcast continues in Part 2.

In the second half of this interview, Mayor P.T. Wood discusses practicality and vision. How will Salida's approach and plan for change determine our future?

In the first half hour of this program, Mayor P.T. Wood focuses on the HWY 50 corridor redevelopment planning that will be result from a grant from Community Builders.

Chaffee County has hired a Housing Director and has also received funding for a redevelopment plan for the Highway 50 corridor. Ken Matthews also speaks with Jason Dietz, the Summit County Housing Authority Director, Naomi Hawf, the Executive director of the Estes Park Housing Authority and, Jennifer Kermode, the Gunnison Valley Housing Authority Executive Director during a recent Colorado Mountain Housing Coalition conference held in Crested Butte.

Ken Matthews talks with the director of the Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation about job creation/growth and the impact on workforce housing. 

Ken interviews Read McCollough - executive director of the Chaffee County Housing Trust - about progress with affordable housing projects over the last year and the status of the search for a county housing administrator. The second part of the show includes their thoughts on Salida Crossings issues.

The proposed mixed use Planned Development, "Salida Crossings" is reviewed in detail. The project will feature commercial space, affordable housing and custom condominiums in 3 separate buildings.

Envision Team Lead Cindy Williams talks with Ken about the project's goal/vision for: " Community members (to be) able to live locally and benefit from an increasingly diversified economy."

The presence of Airbnbs, VRBOs, and other home-sharing platforms has heightened rental property pressures. Lawton Eddy of Pinion Vacation Rentals discusses the impact of short-term rentals on the Salida housing market. 

Kimberly Parker of the Alliance Against Domestic Abuse (aka "The Alliance") talks about the challenges of housing on people in vulnerable populations.

Jeff Post - Owner/Broker Of the First Colorado Land Office and Chair of the Chaffee County Economic Development Corporation - provides a long-time resident's view of the real estate market, housing issues and their relationship to the valley's economic health.

Ken talks with Tom Pokorny of Natural Habitats. Tom expounds on "Smart Development" and "New Urbanism" as they relate to Salida's master plan and code development (two parts).

Host Ken Matthews and Paige Judd (Powder Projects) review workforce housing strategies from the builder's perspective. They reference the attached spreadsheet. 

Workforce Housing Document (click here)

Chaffee County Commissioner Greg Felt on the challenges and possibilities of workforce/affordable housing and future visioning for the county.

Discussion with local resident and municipal consultant of equity issues that need to be considered as a part of the affordable housing discussion.  Are we committed to housing that assists all levels of incomes in our community? 

A continuation of the conversation with Marjo Curgus.

Shallot's chef and owner Don Potts discusses how the lack of affordable housing negatively affects his local restaurant.  His employees are seriously challenged by housing choices.  He has considered developing his own employee housing but has not been able to make that happen yet, as he faces regulatory and legal ambiguities.

Mike McGovern, general manager and part owner of Salida's own Amicas restaurant gives a candid interview on the negative impact of the lack of affordable housing for his employees, the difficulties his employees face in renting property when they find it (first, last, and deposit), and the fact that some of his employees' homes are their cars. Amicas is actively looking for property to develop for its employees.

Panel discussion organized by the Upper Arkansas Council of Governments.  Participants are:  Tim Gough, Colorado Division of Housing, funders of below 60% area median income projects, downpayment assistance program, repair assistance funding; Becky Christoffersen, Midwest Housing Equity Group, low-income tax credits, low income rental project funding (mostly), mixed income projects; Joe Rowan, Mile High Community Loan Fund, intermediary lender of affordable housing projects, land acquisition financing, higher risk loans that banks can make; Andrea Davis, Sage Peak, LLC, affordable housing consultant formerly with Denver Housing Authority; Scott Wilson, Rural Development Housing Director, Colorado State Office of the United States Department of Agriculture, 502 guarantee programs (80%AMI or less), 502 direct program (50% AMI or less), subsidized interest rate assistance, and 38-year loan programs (bump down the monthly payment and allow for more qualified buyers).

Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker, also former Buena Vista town trustee discusses solutions to affordable/workforce housing in Chaffee County.

Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker, also former Buena Vista town trustee advocates for programs to jump-start affordable housing in Chaffee County.  

Read McColloch, executive director of the Chaffee Housing Trust, a non-profit organization whose model creates permanently affordable housing to own by residents in the 60-80% area median income ($29,117 to $38,822 annual income), discusses how the implementation of the 2016 Housing Needs Assessment paid for by Chaffee County, Salida, Poncha Springs, and Buena Vista can address some of the workforce housing needs in the County and these municipal entities.

Read McColloch, executive director of the Chaffee Housing Trust, a non-profit organization whose model is permanently affordable housing to own by residents in the 60-80% area median income ($29,117 to $38,822 annual income) discusses the findings and recommendations of the Housing Needs Assessments of 2016 and 2006.