Underwriting on KHEN gets your message publicized and supports community radio. Underwriting options can be viewed or downloaded HERE. Please contact the station during business hours at (719) 539-1069 to start your underwriting and show your support for Salida’s community radio station. Community Radio “You Belong!”


Your company can be a partner in making the best community radio in Salida, Colorado. As a KHEN underwriter, credit will be broadcast in association with a variety of programs or with a specific program you choose, allowing you to present an effective message in an uncluttered, noncommercial format.

The FCC mandates that corporate underwriting credits clearly identify to the viewers and listeners the source(s) of programming support. A statement of support, therefore, is required in any and all underwriting credits or announcements. Messages must be fifteen seconds or less in length.

Station announcers will deliver all underwriting credits. We will work with you to produce an underwriting credit or announcement that best serves your needs and our audience.

Each underwriting credit is reviewed for adherence to FCC and station rules and for aesthetic and technical acceptability. Creativity need not be absent from the credit production process. We will work with you to develop an engaging and enlightening message.


Here is an abbreviated list of both permissible and non-permissible credit content for underwriting.


-Name of product(s) and/or services // Overt promotion of products or services

-Company Location // Price reference

-Number of years in business // Call to action or inducement to buy

-Telephone number, email address or // Comparative or qualitative description of web site products

-Non-promotional, value-neutral descriptions of products or services

-Use of well-known mottoes or slogan

-Business may combine effort with a listener, i.e. business may split cost with a listener


“Support for this program is provided by Moonlight Pizza at the corner of 3rd & F. Moonlight Pizza is dedicated to making the world a better place one pizza at a time.”

“Support for kHEN is provided by Myxa Corporation. Building e-solutions for business by creating custom UNIX. www.myxa.com Myxa. Your virtual IT department.”

“University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, shaping the science of health. Since 1821, USP gives students the education to help them make a real difference. University of the Sciences in Philadelphia supports kHEN.”

Underwriting Application

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