Staff, Interns, & Volunteers

kHEN couldn't possibly run well without the incredible efforts by our staff and volunteers.

Esperanza Zane

Born in San Diego California, Esperanza has been in Salida for 5 years.  She is the Station Coordinator and Treasurer for kHEN. Esperanza manages the station and is the glue that keeps the station organized, together and everyone connected. We would not be able to exist without EZ. 

Esperanza has been a textile artist her entire life, she is currently exploring the medium of felt. She began her textile career in 1972 as a spinner and dyer, and for five years sold handspun yarns to fiber supply stores under the business name The Wool Works.

In the mid-1980’s, and for the next fifteen years, she developed hand woven fabrics and clothing. Her small production studio produced cotton coats, jackets, and shawls for the artwear market and were sold at galleries nationally, including The Santa Fe Weaving Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, Julie: Artisans’ Gallery, New York, NY, Obiko, San Francisco and many more.

Bob Campbell

Bob is currently the Development Director for kHEN and also volunteers numerous hours to assist with production of such shows as “Pursuing Personal Peace” and our new podcast “Weekend Salida” as well as generating many creative public service announcements and station identification messages.  Bob’s family has been in Salida for many years and he also participates with the singing group “You’ve Got Male” and the Salida Museum.