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Julia Harris

Raised in Colorado, Julia could never quite figure out why her high school boyfriend moved to Salida. Until she was hired to relocate here for a job. She has lived in Gothic, Taylor Park, Ferncliff, and her first used telemark skis came from Nederland Elementary School.

Her grandfather came down from his cabin on Grand Mesa at an advanced age, encountering his high school sweetheart near Delta long enough to choose marriage. Then, the roof fell in. One time, the family car flipped over where Eagle is today. Two bushels of local peaches fell out of the upside-down trunk into the roadside ditch. The policeman promptly stepped into the mush in the dark and thought it was a body.

These days, Julia feels like the roof falls in on any attempt to utilize her three four-year degrees. It seems as if everything is mushed up peaches in a ditch. Luckily, the community here is wonderful, the mountains are made of joy, and no bird poop has fallen on her head lately. It is a relief to understand why breathing air below 2000 meters has always felt so funny. She weeps at wildflowers and first snowfall. Only her shower understands true musical talent and random art supplies are happiest in her untrained hands.