KHEN turns Fourteen! Down Memory Lane With Photos and Text From Our Archives.

From our files: "Sometime during 2001 a group of dedicated people, wanting radio by and for the people who live in this area, formed Tenderfoot Transmitting, Inc., and applied to the FCC for a low power FM license during a four day 'window of opportunity.' The FCC had only granted a few LPFM licenses during the past 25 years, so this was a rare opportunity.

"After the construction permit from the FCC was received, over a hundred volunteers got busy renting a space in the alley, building soundproof walls, fundraising, training new people, young and old, how to put together a program and present it over the airwaves. KHEN went on the air with a lot of older donated equipment and no computer. Five different people downloaded syndicated programs on their computers at home and brought them to the station to be played through a CD player, which meant someone had to be at the station for all the hours the station was on-air.

"KHEN's first full day of broadcast was February 1, 2003. It featured a series of half hour programs, hosted by all the new DJ's and samples from some of the syndicated programs like E-Town. Many of the on-air folks had never been on the air before. 'It was the most thrilling day of my life!' said Jane Carpenter, current host of Friday's programs Scrambled Eggs and Americana.

"Today, KHEN has a computer named Big Bird which is able to play music and other programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Live programmers come in to produce music shows and/or conduct interviews. KHEN is always looking for and training new volunteers in on-air skills as well as technical and office tasks needed 'behind the scenes' to support the station. Anyone interested in participating at KHEN is encouraged to call the office at 719-539-1069."

Take a walk down memory lane with photos from KHEN's early years. And listen to Bob Campbell read Davide Andre's account of kHEN's original set-up and the first day on the air.