Harry Brull Steps Down as KHEN's Chairman of the Board of Directors

Harry Brull joined the kHEN Board of Directors in early January, 2011, shortly after learning dj skills and hosting two Monday evening music programs on kHEN: "Hen Picked" from 7-8 pm, followed by "Best of the Brood" until 9:00. He was immediately voted in as Chair of the Board and served in that capacity for six years, much longer than any previous kHEN Board Chair.

He organized a Music Swap at the Salida Community Center that first year. Vendor tables were set up as a benefit for kHEN, and many people enjoyed embellishing their music collections at that fun event as well as finding some good bargains on musical instruments and equipment.

Harry took over kHEN's longstanding relationship with the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Colorado and completed most of the grants received from them during his tenure as Chair. He played a leading role in hiring kHEN's current and previous two Station Coordinators, Esperanza Zane, Sandy Farrell and Sara Cothren. When it came time to move after ten years in a dark alley to the new location on E. 3rd Street, Harry, along with Diana Smith, did most of the negotiating with the City; a year later he helped negotiate the contract to move kHEN's antenna from the little tower on Tenderfoot Hill to the new City of Salida tower, as requested by the City.

Perhaps his biggest contribution involved his work with Scott Adams, taking on the Symphonic Salida agreement with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, fundraising and promoting four successful performances a year.

We will miss Harry at the Board meetings but we look forward to many more years listening to great music on "Hen Picked" and "Best of the Brood" on Monday evenings at 106.9fm or streaming live at khen.org.