Medical Debt Settlement


Medical Debt Settlement

Find out what it takes to settle medical debt for less than you owe.

Whether or not you have health insurance, medical expenses can be a real issue. You are likely already worn out from whatever ailment stuck you with that hospital bill in the first place, and the last thing you want to do is deal with owing for your treatment. Your first step out of this situation is to get educated on medical debt and what it means for your financial situation.

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Guide to Combating Medical Debt

Debt related to medical expenses is known to be the leading cause of bankruptcy.

Our guide was created to help anyone considering bankruptcy from expensive medical bills take advantage of medical assistance programs, consolidate their debt, deal with collectors, and even repair their credit from any potential damage.

We also include a table of specific assistance programs for those needing help repaying their debt.

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Dan Johnson's Last Interview

Long-time Salida resident Dan Johnson passed away on March 16th, 2018 at the age of 91. He touched many hearts during his time here, enjoyed writing poetry, and was known for spearheading the creation of the veteran wall outside the Five and Dime, among other selfless projects.

We were fortunate to have Dan on the air at KHEN with Dave Ward on January 30th, 2018. You can listen to the interview here:


Remembering John Skinner

This page is a tribute to John Skinner, long-time KHEN DJ and dedicated volunteer. He will be missed and remembered fondly.

John Skinner 001 kHEN.jpg

From Ken Brandon

I always enjoyed John's dry sense of humor when we served together as members of Salida Sertoma.

From Jean Ferguson

I first met John at Shavano Poets and have deeply appreciated his constant friendship with Felice Larsen, whom a number of us have been assisting during her transition to residency at Columbine. John has been present for many of us through his kind and generous friendship.

Another friend of John's, artist Cary Carlson, mentioned that a few of his poems have been recorded as songs by Linda Taylor and company. Maybe we can access those recordings.
[Note: we are working on getting these recordings!]

From KHEN Founder, Jane Carpenter

John was one of KHEN's early volunteers, coming on during the first year we were on the air, hosting the Swingtime program of jazz and catchy tunes from the 40's and 50's. He helped behind the scenes with membership drives and wrote great poetry on many topics. My favorite was, of course, "Radio KHEN" which he put to music. We have a recording of him playing and singing that song, and I played it on the air in tribute (on December 22, 2017). He was also one of the early hosts of Poetry and Stories and hosted Jessica Saunders and her program of show tunes. John was also a founder of Radio Theatre on KHEN and was involved in a couple of live productions that were a lot of fun, back in the days when more people were involved, including teens, and they did contemporary productions some of the time.

Before his own health began to decline, John was a rock solid volunteer and a kind and caring soul. I will miss him.

John Skinner, The Early Years, by Ann Klaiman

When KHEN went on the air in 2003, John composed amusing poems and jingles about the shows and the people on KHEN and the joys of having a community radio station. Special ones were done for holidays and for membership drives. He would set them to music and, accompanying himself on guitar, record them for on-air use. For some he pulled in other volunteers to sing, add percussion, whatever. Volunteers often found print copies of these offerings in their mailboxes. He continued this tradition for years.

John must hold the KHEN record for dead air-time with an open mic. He was careful with air-studio equipment, but, bless his heart, he didn't move with any speed. On his long-running "Swingtime" show, he would announce his next number, then turn away from the mic to the turntable on his left, gently lift the arm, and carefully set the needle on the chosen track of a 33 or 78 rpm record already spinning. Five seconds (an eternity in air-time) could elapse. The results, however, were undeniable: really good stuff. His library and knowledge of swing and big band music were excellent.

For years, John teamed with Jessica Saunders for "It's Showtime."  Jessica's two-hour show would feature one Broadway musical every week -- some old, some new. Jessica, with her encyclopedic knowledge, did the musical numbers in sequence, with an introduction, plot summary and commentary setting up each one. John helped Jessica find soundtracks of musicals and engineered her show. Jessica's poor sight made it impossible for her to run the board herself.

From Barbara Ford, of Shavano Poets

John was a Shavano member for many years and a prolific poet.

From Maria Weber, Secretary of Shavano Poets

I can't tell you for certain how many years John Skinner was part of Shavano Poets. The Shavano Poets was founded in 1992 by Jessica Saunders (who died in 2012). John was probably part of that group pretty early on. He left the poet group after his son Jonathan died and John himself had been very ill in the same hospital with Jonathan for a while. So it would be safe to say John was a member of the poets group for 20 years. He wrote tons of poetry and kept it in notebooks. He was treasurer of the organization for at least 5 years if not longer. He occasionally substituted leading it when the president, Jessica Saunders, was absent. The Shavano Poets published a book of poetry, Parade of Poets, to commemorate its 20th anniversary in 2012. All then-current poets contributed two poems or two pages. John's two excellent poems, "Unabridged" and "The Very Idea" are published in that book, which has been for sale at The Book Haven. You might also obtain a copy from Jean Hanfelt, who still has a few copies at her house. (Jean's wonderful watercolor of Mt. Shavano graces the cover of that book.) There's also a copy of this book at the library in Salida.

John was also a member of Chaffee County Writers Exchange for a similar number of years. That was not a poetry group, however, and John found it difficult to concoct fictional stories off the top of his head. He was by nature, a poet.

From Salida Museum

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of former board member and fellow volunteer, John Skinner. What a wonderful man, who always had a story, a poem, or a joke to tell! He loved talking with visitors and most enjoyed talking about Sheriff Baxter Stingley.

He was always willing to help with anything that needed to be done, from painting the walls, moving exhibits, to raking the leaves out front. We will miss his smile, his laugh and great service to the Museum. Rest in peace, John.

For more, see his obituary.

The Making of Salida's First Last Waltz

Pictured from left: George Mossman, Aaron Robbins, Lindsay Sutton-Stephens, Bones, Peter Mossman

Pictured from left: George Mossman, Aaron Robbins, Lindsay Sutton-Stephens, Bones, Peter Mossman

We recorded a special show, The Making of Salida's First Last Waltz, with Lindsay Sutton-Stephens, Bones, George and Peter Mossman, Aaron Robbins, and their musical guests. Thank you to the First Last Waltz crew for making this special show possible, and for Adam Caimi for running the sound board and letting the Waltz crew invade his show time!

You can listen to the recording here for two weeks (through January 10th, 2018). After that, we will take down the recording, due to copyright regulations.

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