To the Friends and Community of kHEN Radio,

Artwork by Esperanza Zane.

Artwork by Esperanza Zane.

To the Friends and Community of kHEN Radio,

At kHEN, we have Spring fever! This is a time of rebirth and change, when the land awakens and everything is full of promise and growth. We have big plans for the future, and they include you!

We will become more visible, and highly active, in our community. We are empowered to support and unite our community. We will continue to express the exceptional nature of our community, locally and beyond. We are committed to uniting our community through programming, education and outreach.

By renewing your kHEN membership, or becoming a new member, you will help us focus on providing education for the youth, and others in our community, through broadcasting and more. Together we will support local events and activities. We will be flexible and responsive to current events. We will continue to be a valuable resource to our community and break new ground, but we need your support!

Our goal is to reach the target of $10,000 for the 2017 Spring Membership Drive. We are committed to our vision of kHEN Community Radio as a media platform serving the concerns and interests of Salidans, both on-air and on-line. Please join us as a new member or a renewing contributor to support local, independent radio!

Many thanks for your continuing support, and warm wishes to all,
From the Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers at kHEN Radio

Birthday Party Celebration a Success!


KHEN’s April Fools Day Birthday Celebration was a great success! We had around 150 people come and go during the evening and our band, Lady and the Gentlemen, was fantastic!

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped to make this such a special celebration!

The Mountain Mail attended and gave us some great coverage as well.

At this event alone, we had over 40 people become new or renewing members of KHEN!

We also want to note that our Birthday Celebration was the launch of KHEN 2.0., a new perspective and series of results that our board has been working towards since January.  KHEN 2.0 includes a new outreach program at KHEN to develop more valuable shows for our community. We will let you know what is happening right here on our web site and on our Facebook page as it all unfolds!!

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Tenderfoot Health Collective
Clark Roberts Production
Kathleen Nelson
Hylton Lumber Company
Tom & Francie Bomer
High Country Bank
Absolute bikes
Amigo Motor Lodge
Arlie Dale's Jug Liquors
The Book Haven

Dennis Ridley of First Colorado Land OfficeFree the Monkey Consignment
Hubbub Brewery
Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center
Salida Mountain Sports
Silver Ridge Lodge
The Yoga Tonic
Ark Magazine
Architectural Glass


And thank you to Phreckles Photography for our birthday photos!

Please feel free to download images.

KHEN turns Fourteen! Down Memory Lane With Photos and Text From Our Archives.

From our files: "Sometime during 2001 a group of dedicated people, wanting radio by and for the people who live in this area, formed Tenderfoot Transmitting, Inc., and applied to the FCC for a low power FM license during a four day 'window of opportunity.' The FCC had only granted a few LPFM licenses during the past 25 years, so this was a rare opportunity.

"After the construction permit from the FCC was received, over a hundred volunteers got busy renting a space in the alley, building soundproof walls, fundraising, training new people, young and old, how to put together a program and present it over the airwaves. KHEN went on the air with a lot of older donated equipment and no computer. Five different people downloaded syndicated programs on their computers at home and brought them to the station to be played through a CD player, which meant someone had to be at the station for all the hours the station was on-air.

"KHEN's first full day of broadcast was February 1, 2003. It featured a series of half hour programs, hosted by all the new DJ's and samples from some of the syndicated programs like E-Town. Many of the on-air folks had never been on the air before. 'It was the most thrilling day of my life!' said Jane Carpenter, current host of Friday's programs Scrambled Eggs and Americana.

"Today, KHEN has a computer named Big Bird which is able to play music and other programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Live programmers come in to produce music shows and/or conduct interviews. KHEN is always looking for and training new volunteers in on-air skills as well as technical and office tasks needed 'behind the scenes' to support the station. Anyone interested in participating at KHEN is encouraged to call the office at 719-539-1069."

Take a walk down memory lane with photos from KHEN's early years. And listen to Bob Campbell read Davide Andre's account of kHEN's original set-up and the first day on the air.

Curtis Imrie 1946-2017 Listen to KHEN Tribute

NOTICE OF MEMORIAL GATHERING: A gathering to remember Curtis Imrie will take place from noon to 5:00 pm on Saturday, February 25th, at The Lariat Bar and Grill, 206 Main Street in Buena Vista.

Curtis Imrie, burro breeder and racer, poet, community activist, and kHEN Radio dj, died of natural causes on Saturday, January 21st, 2017. He was a beloved personality in central Colorado and the Upper Arkansas River Valley. kHEN Community Radio, 106.9fm, hosted and recorded a live memorial tribute at 5 pm on Tuesday, January 24th. You can listen here:

When asked by a listener if podcasts were available, he responded that his program "Poetry and Stories" was a one hour happening and he didn't care to have it recorded. You had to show up to be part of it.

Further information about Curtis Imrie and his life can be found at his website

Harry Brull Steps Down as KHEN's Chairman of the Board of Directors

Harry Brull joined the kHEN Board of Directors in early January, 2011, shortly after learning dj skills and hosting two Monday evening music programs on kHEN: "Hen Picked" from 7-8 pm, followed by "Best of the Brood" until 9:00. He was immediately voted in as Chair of the Board and served in that capacity for six years, much longer than any previous kHEN Board Chair.

He organized a Music Swap at the Salida Community Center that first year. Vendor tables were set up as a benefit for kHEN, and many people enjoyed embellishing their music collections at that fun event as well as finding some good bargains on musical instruments and equipment.

Harry took over kHEN's longstanding relationship with the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Colorado and completed most of the grants received from them during his tenure as Chair. He played a leading role in hiring kHEN's current and previous two Station Coordinators, Esperanza Zane, Sandy Farrell and Sara Cothren. When it came time to move after ten years in a dark alley to the new location on E. 3rd Street, Harry, along with Diana Smith, did most of the negotiating with the City; a year later he helped negotiate the contract to move kHEN's antenna from the little tower on Tenderfoot Hill to the new City of Salida tower, as requested by the City.

Perhaps his biggest contribution involved his work with Scott Adams, taking on the Symphonic Salida agreement with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, fundraising and promoting four successful performances a year.

We will miss Harry at the Board meetings but we look forward to many more years listening to great music on "Hen Picked" and "Best of the Brood" on Monday evenings at 106.9fm or streaming live at 

Jane Carpenter Interviews Sunil Tamang Who Walked Solo for 128 Days in Nepal

Jane Carpenter, on her kHEN program "Scrambled Eggs," interviewed Mr. Sunil Tamang on Friday, January 6th, 2017. Sunil Tamang discusses his 128 day solo trek in Nepal's Himalya at the age of 20. He also shares his experiences helping to rebuild the village of Syaphru Bensi after the 2015 earthquake. Mr. Tamang will speak at the Collegiate Peaks Forum on Thursday, January 12th, 7pm, at the Congregational United Church of Christ, 217 Crossman Avenue in Buena Vista.

Listen to the interview here:


Pursuing Personal Peace, kHEN's On-Air Book Club, Will Discuss Reflections on Silver River by Ken McLeod

The ancient wisdom of Tokmé Zongpo, presented through the eyes of Ken McLeod in Reflections on Silver River: The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva, is as relevant now as it was in the fourteenth century. While we as human beings continue to find ourselves in difficult patterns that are remarkably similar to those of our predecessors, Ken's commentary is full of practical, simple, and inspiring description of how to apply timeless truths to a modern life. In this book, a path to personal peace is presented in a deep and pithy format, one that will challenge both readers and listeners alike, providing rich substance for lively on-air book-club discussion.

Margaret Rush and Julia Harris will host the discussion on kHEN's Pursuing Personal Peace, beginning on Sunday, January 8th at 2:00 p.m. with an encore broadcast on Thursday, January 12th at 9:00 p.m. Listen to the first broadcast here.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The film, The Day the Earth Stood Still, was dramatized as a radio play on January 4, 1954 for the Lux Radio Theater; Michael Rennie repeated his lead as Klaatu with actress Jean Peters as Helen Benson. This production was later rebroadcast on the Hollywood Radio Theater, the re-titled Lux Radio Theater, which aired on the Armed Forces Radio Service.

KHEN's Bob Campbell of Sunday afternoon's The Golden Age of Radio, has made the audio file available. Listen here: