Amendment 69

Our first local debate on the Amendment 69 issue was put on by the Chaffee County Medical Society. This Debate occured on August 8th, 2016.  The pro position is taken by State Senator Irene Agular and the con position is taken by Mr. Morgan Hartley, an employee of Colorado for Coloradans.  Just click the arrow. 1hr, 9min

Second Local Debate on Amendment 69, held on September 26th, 2016 at the Presbyterian Church in Downtown Salida.  Very good debate.  Pro position taken by Colorado State Senator Jeannie Nicholson, a retired RN and the con position taken by Dr. Harry Payton, a Salida ear nose and throat specialist.  1hr, 30min

On August 8th we interviewed T.R. Reid, a well known journalist and an advocate for Amendment 69.  You can listen to his interview here by clicking the arrow. 22min

On October 3rd we interviewed Dr. Harry Payton, a Salida ENT and Facial Surgeon who is anti-Amendment 69.  You can listen to his interview by clicking the arrow.  25min